This week, I took the liberty of choosing the articles in your favorite tanning magazine.

I wanted to share my picks for some of the best articles we’ve ever published. Admittedly, it was hard to choose just a few. Sun Biz Weekly has delivered nearly two years worth of content and it’s all extremely helpful. After much scrutiny, and contemplation, I was able to come up with the articles we’ve shared in this issue. I could do this every week and still not run out of great content to share. (Don’t worry, though. We’ll have plenty of new content next Monday!)

So, why would we choose to re-run stories? The answer is simple.  If you’re a long-time reader, you can always use a refresher on these important tips. If you’re new – we get new readers each week – you might’ve missed this before. Each story in this week’s issue is packed with helpful, business-building info. Whether you’re a tanning salon owner or spray tan technician, these tips will help you operate a successful business. Helping you continues to be our No. 1 priority.

Let’s take a look at what’s available in this week’s issue of Sun Biz Weekly, your favorite tanning magazine:

See You Next Week!

Well, this issue wraps up our Sun Biz Weekly retrospective. Next week, we’ll have more new content from our talented contributors. Expect some great tips for tanning salon owners from John Farr. You’ll also get some great spray tan business tips from one of the many spray tan technicians who writes for us. So, enjoy this issue and we’ll see you next week right here at your favorite tanning magazine.