Winning Glow is the new competition spray tan solution from Perfect Glow Sunless. Fitness competitors are rocking the stage in its gorgeous mahogany glow!

Winning Glow is like no other competition spray tan solution on the market. This sunless spray tan solution produces a gorgeous mahogany shade with a touch of red. With a 10 percent DHA level, it can be used as a base tan as well as competition day color.  The solution’s DHA level is 10 percent. After the post-competition rinse, client’s tans look more natural than other solution brands.

Like all my spray tan solutions, Winning Glow™ is made from my proprietary blend. I have spent nearly two years formulating this gorgeous competition spray tan solution. It was a long process, but worth it since quality assurance is a key factor in my brand. I will not release a product until I know it performs 100 percent. This product is the result of rigorous quality control processes with fitness pros.

You’ll find Winning Glow perfect for bikini, fitness, bodybuilding, and dance competitors. Any event where someone needs an extra dark tan is perfect for this blend. For years, spray tan technicians have asked me to develop a dark brown competition color. Now, spray tan technicians tell me that competitors are asking for the Winning Glow Top Coat.

  • Maritza from Glow & Go said, “A competitor recently approached me with an orangey base coat. Once he saw another competitor we tanned, he asked for the Winning Glow tone!”
  • Michelle from Island Glow added, “I tested this new formula and was blown away by the finish! I cannot believe how velvet-smooth it sprays, the satin-like finish on the skin, and most of all, the most richest, deepest mahogany-brown color. Winning Glow is a must for all competitive tanning professionals.”

Are you interested in the hottest new spray tan solution for fitness competitors? Winning Glow is available in samples and full-size bottles. You’ll find it at the Perfect Glow Sunless pro store.  Call 561-801-4569 (GLOW) for product questions and more info about tanning fitness competitors. I’m happy help you make the most of the opportunities Winning Glow has to offer!

Winning Glow™ by Perfect Glow Sunless™ - Sun Biz Weekly

Winning Glow™ by Perfect Glow Sunless™ - Sun Biz Weekly