Say congratulations to Alexis Shenkle of 2Suns Salon & Wellness in Stafford, VA. She’s the Tanning Salon Employee of the Week!

Alexis’s boss Jasa Wolfrey nominated her for this honor. Jasa recalled, “I met Alexis in 2009 when she was my son’s student teacher at a local preschool. Getting to know her amazing personality prompted me to ask if she’d like to work with me at the salon in 2014.” Jasa added that Alexis supported the salon’s addition of new services, and the young employee stepped up to learn everything she needed to help tanners.

Clients soon gravitated to Alexis’s kind nature. This was no surprised to Jasa, who offered her the job based upon the young woman’s warm personality. It wasn’t long before Alexis got a promotion at 2Suns Salon & Wellness. “When I needed an assistant manager, she stepped up and into the role,” Jasa explained. “She happily filled in for extra shifts, shared our salon activity on social media, and much more.”

Alexis left 2Suns last year to pursue a different career path. During that time, she remained a spray tan artist, and had made herself available to work the salon desk when needed. Jasa added, “She has recently re-joined my salon and resumed her role as assistant manager. I’m happy to once again enjoy her trustworthiness and attention to detail, which have been a great asset to my salon.”

Because Alexis enjoys challenges and sales games, Jasa finds it easy to motivate her. She explained, “Her favorite was a Summertime Bingo. She did very well prompting clients and discussing all the different options and products we offer and sell.” Jasa also rewards Alexis and other 2Suns employees to gifts, free salon services, and tanning lotion. Jasa added, “Because she always appreciates everything I do for her, it makes me want to do more!”

About 2Suns Salon & Wellness

Jasa’s 2Suns Salon & Wellness  has been serving the community of Stafford, VA for 15 years. The salons offer three levels of UV tanning, sunless spray tan booths, and hand-held sunless tanning. 2Suns also proudly features red light therapy, teeth-whitening, and infrared therapy services. Jasa, Alexis, and the rest of the 2Suns staff are committed to providing sensible, moderate tanning.

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