From loyalty programs and more, there’s a wealth of marketing ideas all around you. Just look what your favorite businesses are doing, then use these ideas at your tanning salon.

While on vacation, I visited a local coffee shop and saw that they had a loyalty program. Many coffee shops do. I liked how the coffee shop displays its loyalty cards on a cork-board for everyone to see. This includes those that have been redeemed. I immediately thought this was a neat way to build loyalty while also having fun. I also thought I could use this during J.A.S.O.N. when my tanning salon needs a shot in the arm!

From Coffee Shop to Tanning Salon

The rewards card system at the coffee shop is a pretty straightforward offer. Customers purchase 10 cups of coffee then get one for free. The in-store display showed used and redeemed cards with the clients’ names upon them. This inspired me to create a similar promotion at my tanning salon. We now offer “tanning lotion loyalty” cards.  These are displayed at the counter, next to the sample packets.  We also indicate which packets tend to be the most popular with our tanners. Clients don’t have to just take our word for this since the proof is on display with the redeemed cards.

Here are some other ways tanning salon owners can use this loyalty rewards program:

  • Use a dry-erase board to show who has earned free items that month. This helps tanners see that your loyalty program is easy and well worth it.
  • If you do upgrade punch cards, display who’s earned a free upgrade. Then erase, or take down, once redeemed. This would be a nice surprise for your tanners.
  • Whichever approach you decide, remember to feature a fun and inviting display. This encourages tanners to ask how they can earn free things, too.
  • Make sure your staff talks about your salon loyalty program with every tanner. They should remind clients where they are on their way to the earned benefit.

Holiday Tanning Salon Promos

Loyalty rewards are just one marketing idea that tanning salon owners can use. And you’re not limited to offering these promotions during J.A.S.O.N., either. Here are three tanning salon holiday promotions I’ve adapted from other businesses:

  1. Gift Card Loyalty Program: Gift cards are great to offer in October, when people are holiday shopping. To increase gift card sales, you can tie it into your loyalty program. For example, offer loyalty bonuses for various amounts of gift cards purchased. Your tanners will likely use their loyalty points for tanning lotion and upgrade purchases. Don’t forget to offer some type of bonus to your staff for certain amounts of gift cards sold.
  2. Tans for Cans: Many businesses collect food for needy families in the area. Tanning salon owners should do this, too. Offer free upgrades to tanners who bring in a certain amount of canned food. For example, one or two cans could earn them a free level-one tanning session. Three to five cans could get them a session in a level-two tanning unit. Six or more cans of food could earn tanners a free session in a level-three tanning bed. This type of charity event also can earn you lots of publicity in your local media outlets. Be sure to send a press release that tells them about it!
  3. Bronze Friday: Cash in on the Black Friday shopping madness by offering some awesome deals. For example, offer free tans and half-off all gift-certificate purchases and retail items. You can even extend this offer to anyone who’s frozen their EFT membership with you during that time. Any type of Bronze Friday sale is bound to be hugely popular as long as you make your offer irresistible. The idea is to get more people into your tanning salon. Do that, then your staff can up-sell them tanning memberships, lotions, etc.

Keep Your Eyes Open, Tanning Salon Owners!

I’m a tanning salon owner but I’m also a consumer. When I’m at restaurants or any type of retail store, I pay attention to the promotions. When I see something interesting, my first thought is how can I implement this promo at my business. I encourage other tanning salon owners to do the same. You can even find great ideas to use at your salon by watching business reality TV shows. So, get out there and find at least three great promotional concepts that you can use at your tanning salon. Best of success to you!

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