BEAUMONT, TX – One spray tan technician lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. It’s a good thing the indoor tanning industry came together to help her out!

Casey Rice is the owner/operator at Salon at Sienna in Beaumont, Texas. Unfortunately, this city was right in the path of Hurricane Harvey. As a result, Casey lost her home and everything in it. This included her spray tan machine, solution, and much of her haircare products, which were all at her home in preparation for an upcoming wedding she was going to work. “I lost nearly everything I need for my business!” she exclaimed.

Casey wanted to get the tools of her trade back as soon as possible. She asked members of a spray tanning Facebook forum where she could get a used spray tanning machine. The outpouring of help she received is something for which she’s very grateful. Casey recalled, “I put up a post about wanting to buy an inexpensive spray tan machine to use until I got on my feet. Nearly everyone from the forum started to offer to get things to help me; it was more than I could’ve ever expected!”

Casey got a brand new one courtesy of Tennille Cardinal of Norvell Skin Solutions. She saw Casey’s post in the forum then quickly responded. Norvell also provided Casey with plenty of sunless tanning solution. So did a beauty professional who no longer spray tans clients. Still others were there to offer Casey kind words and moral support when she needed it most. “I will forever be grateful for all the help I received!” she added.

Casey is also thankful for all the help she received from her mother, Jennifer Odom. “She owns a spray tan business too and has a lot going on with her own losses from Harvey,” Casey explained. “Even so, my mom answered questions on the forum and has continued to check on me daily. She is my backbone and my best friend!”

While Casey is rebuilding the tools for her spray tan and beauty business, it will take longer to get her home back. With it being totally submerged in floodwaters, she says the house and its contents were ruled a complete loss. She added, “It would cost us $200,000 to rebuild today, but we paid $145,000 because it was a fixer upper. We just finished putting $20,000 in upgrades the month before this happened.” She didn’t have flood insurance for her home.

Though Hurricane Harvey did its worst to her home and business, Casey is thankful for everyone in the forum. She added, “I appreciate the spray tan forum and everybody on there. It’s always a positive and informative forum that I turn to for guidance.”