Prediction for 2016: automated sunless tanning continues to be a strong part of today’s tanning business.

When you add an automated sunless booth to your equipment mix, you diversify your tanning business. Industry trends for 2016 continue to reflect a changing salon environment. Key factors are changes in consumer tanning preferences and legislation. Sunless tanning continues to grow in today’s salons, much like VHR and high-pressure equipment made a change to the equipment mix during the 1990s.

The importance of sunless spray-booth technology

Today’s sunless tan has come of age. The first spray-tan booth burst onto the scene roughly 15 years ago. Technology has changed since that time. Improvements have been made in the ways the various spray-tan booths deliver DHA spray. Sunless solution manufacturers also up their game each year. This results in sunless tanning technology that meets and exceeds consumer expectations.

Heat-infused applications and automated drying cycles are some of the largest leaps forward in spray-booth technology. In the past, a spray tan was “perfected” by the user after exiting the booth. These new technologies eliminate the need for tanners to towel off after application. Today’s sunless consumers leave the booth dry and ready to dress.

The best sunless spray booth for your salon is…

The sunless spray booth with the features consumers want is the unit you want in your salon. After all, tanners want two things: the latest sunless tanning technology, and great, natural-looking results.

Here are a few things that today’s consumers look for in a spray-booth experience:

  • Natural color and flawless results.
  • A warm, inviting environment.
  • Little to no overpowering fog or tanning mist.
  • A variety of options, including color levels, double dips, anti-aging, pre- and post-tan treatments, cosmetic bronzers, etc.

So, which booth is best? All of them! Today’s spray-booth manufacturers offer some or all of these features. This means you can deliver a fast, flawless tan to your clients… but only if you have one of the latest sunless spray-booths. It’s best to do some comparison shopping to choose the unit that’s best suited for your business.

Have a successful 2016 with your sunless spray-booth!

Automated sunless tanning plays an important role in the operations of today’s tanning salon. When you add this option, you increase your bottom line. Just be sure to utilize sunless tanning equipment that is profitable and built to last.