Do you want to increase your overcome spray tan booth sales? Follow these 12 tips to make a spray tanning machine video for your tanning salon.

What is a spray tan booth video? It’s a video you make that explains your tanning salon’s spray tan booth and much more. This is a great way to help familiarize people with your automated spray tan booth and overcome any objections they might have for this form of sunless tanning. Think of it as an extension of the branding and customer support aspects of your tanning salon’s marketing strategy. You could use the video provided by your sunless spray tan booth manufacturer. The benefits to making your own is that it personalizes you with your community. This could lead to an increase in spray tanning machine session sales.

Spray Tan Booth Video Benefits…

A sunless spray booth can benefit any tanning salon. These spray tanning machines are ideal for tanners in a hurry or those who aren’t comfortable disrobing before a spray tan technician. Creating a spray tanning booth video helps educate your tanners on what to expect from a sunless tanning machine session. This helps market and promote your service. Best of all, these videos are surprisingly easy to make for your tanning salon.

Overcome Spray Tan Booth Objections

Let’s talk about why you need to make a video for your spray tanning machine. In the four years I’ve operated my tanning salon, I’ve heard plenty of sunless spray booth objections from my tanners. Some had a bad experience when sunless tanning booth technology was new. Others heard horror stories from those who tried those old automated spray booths. This woke me up to the fact that I needed to educate my tanners if I wanted to sell more sunless spray tan booth sessions. This is how I came up with the idea for my spray tan booth video.

Here are the 10 most common spray tanning booth objections that I hear at my salon:

  1. They’re afraid they’ll turn out like Ross from Friends.
  2. Scared of developing an orange color.
  3. They’re concerned that they won’t remember how to stand.
  4. They are worried they won’t apply the barrier cream properly.
  5. They believe that the spray tan booth will be cold.
  6. Someone told them that the results from spray tanning machines don’t last long.
  7. That they will be either too light or too dark.
  8. Some are worried about the chemicals in the air inside the spray tan booth.
  9. They are worried about slipping or sticking to the floor.
  10. They are worried about getting spray tan solutions on the bottom of their feet.

If this article seems a bit TLDR, here’s Jasa’s how-to video for your convenience:

How To Make a Spray Tan Booth Video

A video for your sunless tanning booth is not that difficult to make. A cell phone camera or small digital camcorder is all you need to get the job done. The content of your video – what you share with potential tanners – is what’s most important. You want to tell clients what to expect, how to use a sunless spray booth, and other important details. You also should mention any aftercare products you offer. This primes clients for the sale when they come into your tanning salon.

Here the 12 steps you must take when creating a spray tan booth video:

  1. Introduce your tanning salon and yourself. Clients who see this video before they come to your salon will feel like they know you when they come in for their spray tanning machine session.
  2. Stand outside your spray tanning booth and tell viewers what brand you use and what they can expect from the experience. For example, if your automated spray tan booth gives people a head-to-toe sunless spray tan in under five minutes, say it in your video.
  3. Let potential clients know what comes with the sunless spray tan booth session. For example, explain that tanners get to choose between light, medium, or dark applications. If they’re not sure, let them know that you’ll answer all their questions and make a product recommendation.
  4. If you provide accelerator with each sunless tanning booth session, tell them this. Also explain what accelerator is, what it does, and how it benefits the tanner.
  5. Tell viewers about any fragrances you offer sunless tanning machine clients. Explain the scent choices you provide and how this benefits tanners: It reduces the after-tan odors associated with DHA/sunless tanning.
  6. Ask clients if they’re tanning for an event and need instant tan color. If they do, tell them about your sunless tanning machine’s bronzer options and how that works.
  7. List everything you include with sessions, such as hairnets, etc. Demonstrate how to use these items in the video.
  8. Explain barrier cream, why it’s important, and how to apply it.
  9. Take viewers inside the automated spray booth. Show them the changing room, spray tan area, etc. This helps to reduce the “fear of the unknown” that some people have for this form of sunless tanning.
  10. Now it’s time to explain what clients need to do while in the spray tan booth. Instruct them to take off all jewelry, how to hold their hands, how to position the body, etc. Also show them how to start the session, repeat how long it takes, and share any other pertinent information. This helps reduce their doubts and fears about what to do in the sunless spray booth.
  11. Explain what clients must do after each session. Remind them to come see your staff about those about aftercare products.
  12. Wrap up your video with something positive, such as telling viewers that you can’t wait to help them develop a gorgeous bronze-colored tan. Always remember that we’re in the service business, which means we must be friendly and open to meeting and helping new people. (Increasing your customer count is the goal, right?)

Spray Tanning Booth Video Marketing

Once you’re finished with your spray tan booth video, it’s time to distribute it. These videos are excellent for your social media marketing strategies. You could pin it to the top of your tanning salon’s Facebook page. You also type up some information about your latest spray tanning machine session sale and attach the video to the post. If anyone has other marketing suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, I’ll let you know you know how my spray tanning booth video does in a future issue of Sun Biz Weekly. Until then, best of success!