New spray tan solutions might be a great way to update your salon’s menu.  Try using these spray tan business tips for testing various sunless tanning solutions.

When it comes to spray tan solutions, there are so many choices. Which one(s) is best for your tanning salon or mobile spray tan business? You won’t know until you test every sunless tanning solution you’re considering. If you don’t have testing protocols beforehand, this process can get confusing. You can forget which solutions is which, for example. This and other mistakes leads to lost time and money. These tips and attached chart is your solution to spray tan solution testing. Use everything here to help you find the best sunless tanning solutions for your spray tan business.

The Difficulties of Testing Sunless Solutions

Keeping track of sunless tanning solution tests can be daunting. In an ideal world, our spray tan models would do exactly what is needed for proper spray preparations. They also would all have the same skin type, which would allow us to truly compare brands. We all know that this is not possible, even in the best conditions. In the real world, a lot of things can go wrong when you’re trying to test various spray tan solutions.

When testing sunless tanning solutions, here are some of the things that can happen:

  • You try it on your model and it looks great but the same solution looks bad on a client with a different skin type.
  • Tried to set up post pics with your model but he/she doesn’t follow directions, which makes the spray tan not look its best.
  • Get complaints a few weeks after using a new solution because the product and the local weather climate don’t work well together.
  • Some solutions, skin types, and even climates might require extra post care.
  • You don’t know how long a special spray tan solution will last. (This can turn around and bite you if you promise the results will last a specific amount of days but the solution falls short.)
  • Your spray tanning procedure can change the development of different spray solutions. (For example, I use a roller to perfect a spray solution on certain body areas such as hands, feet, elbows, etc. When testing another brand, my rolling caused it to NOT stick to my model’s skin in those areas.)

Testing Spray Tan Solution Brands

Testing sunless tanning products is the only way to know which ones are best for your business. But what’s the best way to do this? For starters, using one model or volunteer isn’t enough. I recommend spray tanning models with at least two different skin types. This lets you see how the product you’re considering will react on the skin types of a variety of your clients.

If you’re testing different sunless tanning products, it’s easy to forget the details for each of them. This is why taking the proper notes is so important. It helps you remember important characteristics of each spray tan solution. When you’re testing, be sure to take notes on everything that you see, smell, and feel. Compare the notes you take from one product line to the next to help you find what’s best for your spray tanning business.
When it comes to taking notes on your spray tan product testing, Sun Biz Weekly is here to help. We’ve included a copy of our sunless solution evaluation sheets with this content. I developed this form to help me with my spray tan business. Now, you can use it to help keep track of the pros and cons of each spray tan solution you test. You’ll be able to refer back to which solution you liked, which solution looked best on a certain skin type, and much more.

Each spray tan solution evaluation sheet has columns for the following:

  • Solution brand
  • Solution type
  • DHA percentage
  • Cost
  • Model’s skin type
  • Time required before rinse
  • And much more

The success of these evaluation sheets depends upon the amount of detail you put into them. Be sure to take thorough notes and fill in every column. The information you include will guide you to finding the best spray tan solution.

What is the Best Spray Tan Solution on the Market?

You won’t know the answer until you test some sunless tanning solutions. As you do, be sure to use the evaluation form we have included with this story. You’ll be able to create highly detailed notes that you can refer back to later. This information will help you make the best decision for your spray tan business. So have fun testing spray tan solutions and as always, best of success to you!

Spray Solution Evaluation (PDF)