Tired of attracting spray tan clients who don’t stick around? Try these spray tan business tips to attract long-term tanners.

No spray tan technician can stay in business if they only tan someone once. Eventually, you’ll run out of spray tan customers. The key to success in this business is getting the long-term profits from long-term tanners. Doing this, however, can sometimes be difficult for some spray tanning technicians. In order to be able to pay your bills and have a successful business, you need more commitment from your tanners. Fortunately, we have some spray tan business tips to help you attract more tanners, and even more best practices to help keep them coming back for more of your sunless tans.

Attracting New Sunless Tanners

Before you can worry about developing long-term tanners, you first have to have tanners. This means you have to work hard to encourage people to come to you for a sunless spray tan. Promoting your business on social media and local advertising mediums are the most obvious ways to do this. There are other, non-direct ways to brand your business to attract tanners. Here are 16 tips for attracting new spray tan clients:

  1. Wear your spray tan well. Be your own “walking billboard.”
  2. Always carry business cards with you. You never know when the opportunity to hand them out will come up.
  3. Join your local chamber of commerce and network with other local businesses.
  4. Co-sponsor events with other small businesses to help increase your reach.
  5. Sign up for local events that might be beneficial to your business.
  6. Align yourself with likeminded business people. For example, I joined Networkers for Business Women, which gave me the opportunity to tell others about my business.
  7. Be proud of your work and never be afraid to pass out your information.
  8. Carry gift certificates around and hand them out to people you chat with about your business. This makes them feel special and you’ll end up hearing from many of them.
  9. Recruit “tan-bassadors” who can help you spread the word about your business.
  10. Keep accurate client profiles and take notes about the events your clients attend.
  11. Introduce yourself to the local newspaper and ask if you can write an article for them. List the benefits of spray tanning and where you’re willing to travel to deliver a sunless tan.
  12. Place magnet advertisements on your vehicle. You’ll never know how much these help your business until you try.
  13. Offer amazing products to your tanners.
  14. Send a thank you message to everyone after their tan.
  15. Stick to your policies and procedures. Most people will respect you when you do.
  16. Have T-shirts, tank tops, and hats made to add to your “walking billboard” effect.

Retaining Those Sunless Tanners You Found

Okay, so you’ve tried the above tips and attracted a bunch of one-time tanners to try you out. That’s great! It’s not difficult to convert these one-time tanners into regular clients. You just have to have the right strategy and apply it on a consistent basis. To help you, I’ve included these  eight tips to help you get those new tanners to keep coming back:

  1. Offer a great package price. For example, I offer my spray tans at $40, so I offer returning customers five tans for $35 per tan, which allows them to sae the cost of one whole tan.
  2. Set them up with pre- and post-tan products that provide the longevity they’re looking for. Create customized bundles specific to that client. For example, I base my bundles upon my clients regular everyday schedules. Some are into moisturizing multiple times, others not so much. Also, not every client is a candidate for tan extender or self tanner. I will see what fits their needs and their skin. For example, I’ll take two or three products, such as bodywash and body lotion, or a bodywash, lotion, and self tanner/extender. Basically, create your bundles based upon whatever might be good for your tanners’ needs.
  3. Send birthday acknowledgement with a promo code. For example, I have my tanners list their birthday on the consent form, then I text/email them a $10-off coupon for their next session text or email. Even if they weren’t planning on coming back, they’re more likely to now because of that discount.
  4. Customize the tans to the specific person. For example, if “Debbie” loves her legs tan, you could do a little extra coat on her legs to help boost her confidence. On the other hand, if “Lisa” likes to wear less makeup, throw in a quick contour for her face. Mark your client profiles and keep track of each tanner’s likes. This helps every time.
  5. Be fun to be around. This always attracts the crowd! Smile and have fun with your clients. They’re there for a tan but they are also here because of you. Negativity will certainly not have them banging down your door.
  6. Be on time, come through on your word of “next time, I will have your large bottle of body lotion,” then make sure that happens. Again, keeping detailed client profiles are a must.
  7. If it is around the holiday time, my package people get one free tan just for being a loyal client.
  8. Remember that your clients trust you to be the spray tan professional. Make sure your guidance is impeccable.

Use These Spray Tan Business Tips!

In the early days of this business, we might have been happy serving the occasional tanner. This isn’t a good long-term business strategy, however. These days, we need more commitment from our clients. The only way to do that is to keep them coming back. Use these tips I’ve shared to help increase your sunless tanning business. Best of luck, spray tan technicians!