Halloween is an excellent time for marketing your tanning salon. Here are some of my Halloween-themed tanning salon marketing ideas.

Halloween is such a fun time for youngsters and adults. There are adult costume parties, competitions, and special events just for this holiday. At this time of the year, many people want to look their best in their costumes and dress-up outfits. This is a time for your tanning salon to provide those services to help these folks bronze and shine in a beautiful tan! When we get near Halloween, I come up with many tanning salon promotional ideas. Here are some for tanning salon owners to try during this time, along with some of my ads. Hopefully this will help kick start your tanning salon marketing to help you sell more tans.

Show Your Halloween Spirit

With Halloween right around the corner, the first thing you should do is decorate your salon in fall colors. Some tanning salon owners refuse to use pumpkins in their decor because orange might remind someone of a bad spray tan experience. I believe there are effective ways to use pumpkins in your tanning salon marketing. I use them in an ad to let people know our sunless tanning services won’t turn them orange. I recommend other salon owners take this approach.

Get a couple of your spray tan models and take them to a pumpkin patch for a photo shoot. When I posted this ad on a Facebook spray tan artists group, it received a lot of love. It also got me a lot of sunless tanning business last fall! Be sure to use your own models, solution, and results for your photo shoot to be honest and authentic. Speaking of pumpkins, I recommend decorating your counter with a plastic pumpkin filled with discount tanning lotion sample packets.

Don’t Forget Your Spa Services!

There are many Halloween themes that go well with tanning salon marketing. For example, you can use a variety of Halloween graphics to promote the various spa services you provide. There’s always something for everyone. I’ve included one that we’ll be using for our red light therapy booth. (See wrinkled witch ad.) Keep in mind that not all Halloween-themed salon marketing ideas have to be scary. You can use a cute or sexy witch photo for your eyelash extensions or massage services, for example. I used an ad that features Snow White “picking her poison.” You might be able to use something like this for a tingle lotion discount.

Wonder Woman, Walking Dead, and More…

Want to put some fun in your tanning salon promotions? Try including the popular costumes for this year in your ads. There probably will be many women dressed up as Wonder Woman this year, and all the power to them! I like to show how Wonder Woman has an amazing tan. (See ad.) Zombies are another famous Halloween creature. And, yes, I realize that zombies are usually very pale, hence my graphic suggesting clients to NOT turn into the Walking Dead! Use graphics and marketing messages like these in a postcard or email that reminds your springtime clients to come in for a great spray tan or UV tanning package!

Happy Halloween, Tanning Salon Owners!

In today’s marketplace, we have to come up with tanning salon promotional ideas all the time. This is especially true if you have a lot of competition in your immediate area. Anything you can use to encourage people to think about tanning will help your promotional efforts. As a holiday, Halloween is tailor made for this. While the kids like to trick or treat, the adults celebrate Halloween in other ways, and looking their best is a priority. Hopefully some of the marketing tips I’ve shared here will inspire some Halloween-themed tanning salon marketing ideas!