Some tanning salon owners think J.A.S.O.N. is just as deadly as the Jason from the movies. This is the five-month stretch can have a happy ending for tanning professionals.

During J.A.S.O.N., the walk-in traffic might take a dip, and some people might want to tan outdoors more than indoors. Having said all of that, I still think J.A.S.O.N. is a great time to get things done at your tanning salon. You can strengthen your business, redefine who you are, and catch up on those tasks that you didn’t have time to finish during peak season. One of those things is maintaining your revenue stream. To keep the cash flowing into your salon, try offering free-with-purchase promotions during J.A.S.O.N. Just remember, everything you provide free should always create a sales opportunity.

$99 Tan for the Rest of Year for FREE!

This accomplishes a few things. You get instant money in your pocket versus a month-to-month membership in hopes they continue to buy one each month. If they maximize it to the fullest, they would stop in your salon every other day. This is unrealistic and presumably won’t happen. But, if they do, who cares; this creates a constant opportunity to sell them something in your salon; whether it is an impulse buy, an add-on sale, new lotion, forgotten eyewear, etc. This also could help create the atmosphere you want. Busy tanning salons always peak interest from window shoppers and you could create a new client.

If you don’t like the idea of allowing clients to tan for the rest of the year for $99, offer a tan-until-a- certain-holiday offer. For example, tan until Halloween $99. Once Halloween comes up, you can try to get those tanners to finish out the year for another “$33. You basically got them to tan for the rest of the year for $132 instead of the $99, which is a 25 percent increase. Whichever you choose, remember to use social media and in-store marketing to promote it.

Buy Me, Get Me FREE Promo

This is all about leveraging mid- to high-end retail lotion and giving away tanning sessions for free. The cost is minimal to operate a tanning bed, so giving away tanning sessions barely cuts into your cost of doing business, but it can drive traffic into your salon. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Identify a product that retails for approximately $50 (the “buy me”), and get a tan in any upgrade tanning bed for free.
  2. Your up-sell to that promotion: Buy any retail bottle for $100 or more and get five tans for free in any upgraded bed.

This offer accomplishes a couple things: It gets your tanners to buy a lotion, and it also gets them to try tanning beds that they might typically not try. I think we all know that once your tanners try the best of anything, they’re more likely to not go backwards in their tanning bed experience. Always give promotional options, but keep it minimal and easy for your tanners to understand.

The Partnership Program!

It’s always more fun to go tanning in groups. You can promote this option for your tanning salon. Try hosting a promotion such as buy a tan, get a tan for your friend for free. Of course, this would not apply to any current membership program, so clients must buy a single tan to get their friend the free tan. The friend must be there and use it at that time. Per my point earlier, you want to have multiple people walking through your salon’s doors.

Remember to always have them show you proof of eyewear. If they don’t have it, they can purchase it at your tanning salon. (Or you can provide eyewear to your tanners and include the cost of the product in your membership or session price.) Along those same lines, make customers show you proof of tanning lotion. If they don’t have any – or they have an inferior product they purchased at a retail location – this will create an educational and sales opportunity. Try to sell them a packet a single use. If they like it, offer to take the packet price off the bottle price.

Bundle Away and Giveaway

J.A.S.O.N. is a great time of year to start bundling products. For example, buy a tanning lotion and get a moisturizer for free. If you carry more than one, let tanners pick which one they want. It empowers your clients to make their own decision. Bundling is a great way to increase the value to a client while also introducing them to something they might not typically purchase from you. You can bundle anything from moisturizers, teeth whitening, SPFs, body washes, etc.

Whether your clients are tanning indoors or out, you need healthy hydrated skin. If you don’t carry body washes or moisturizers made by indoor tanning manufacturers, bring some in for the counter and bundle these products with your lotions. In many cases, once your tanners try the product, they will come back in and buy it from you when needed. This is yet another way you can keep your tanners’ disposable income from being spent at the nearest retail store.

Another promo that’s good to offer during J.A.S.O.N. is the bag deal. Keep these promos affordable while making sure to include many affordable items to increase the value for your tanners. Remember to introduce them to products they would not typically buy. There are many affordable packets you can include as well as lip balms, moisturizers, leg products, shave creams, and facial tanning products.

Have a Successful J.A.S.O.N.

J.A.S.O.N. is the perfect time to offer some type of free-with-purchase promotion. In every case, remember to promote your specials on your tanning salon’s social media platforms as well as use in-store marketing to announce it. Creating awareness will help you encourage success. Giving something away for free doesn’t have to mean completely free 100 percent of the time. Free should mean sale opportunity 100 percent of the time. This is will help increase your tanning salon’s J.A.S.O.N. revenue.