“When I chose to write this article, it was borne out of frustration! It came from years of customer service experience as well as being a tanning salon customer. During that time, I’d dealt with a lot of hang ups, rude staff members, and lack of respect shown to tanning salon owners and managers.  When salon owners hire employees, they have an expectation of honesty, integrity, and basic customer service knowledge. Fortunately, the majority of the tanning industry is made up of great, honest people just trying to do better and be better.”

Joann Lyon

The Tanning Supply Shop (Weyauwega, WI)

If you want repeat tanners, your salon staff must make a good impression upon customers. Here are four tips to help tanning salon employees wow your customers.

Tanning salon owners, how much importance do you place upon etiquette at your business? I’m talking about everything from greeting your customers to how your salon staff handles taking phone messages. As we have all know, there might be less traffic in your salon than what you had 10 or more years ago. This is why it’s so important to do right by the people who are coming into your business now. You definitely want to do everything you can to make sure they come back to your tanning salon!

Here are four tanning salon etiquette tips designed to help you and your staff offer better relationship marketing to your guests:

1. Immediately Greet Tanners

Is your staff greeting new customers in front of the counter instead of behind it? Something as simple as stepping out from the behind the counter and presenting themselves with an introduction and a “welcome to our salon” is enough to give new clients a good impression.

2. Turn Off the Cell Phone Inside the Salon!

It can be discouraging to a new tanner to walk into your salon for the first visit and have to wait until the staff finishes a text or a personal call. This can leave them with the impression that they’re not as important as who’s on the other end of the line. Where are the cell phones in your salon? Do you have a no-cell-phone-policy?

3. Use Proper Phone Etiquette

How does your staff answer the phone at your salon? Whether it is a new client or a vendor, each call should be given the same level of attention. If there is a message, time of call, date, name of person calling and reason for the call. Simply picking up the phone and hanging it back up is rude to the person on the other end. This also leaves a bad impression with anyone standing at your counter.

4. Represent Your Tanning Salon With Pride

Do you provide shirts with your logo for staff to wear? If you do, just remember that as long as that employee is wearing your shirt, they’re representing your business. This includes anything that happens outside your salon as long as that employee is wearing that shirt. Think about it!

Make a Great First Impression

When you think of marketing, do you think of the impressions you make upon potential clients? You should. It’s just as important as your tanning beds, sunless spray tanning, tanning lamps, lotions, and everything else at your salon. I offer this advice as both a vendor and a tanning salon customer. Hopefully, these four tips can help get your salon staff back on track if they need it. Now let’s rock the upcoming peak season to make tanning great again!