In this world of fake tanning news, you can trust the business-building tips in this tanning magazine!

The results of last week’s survey continue to flood into Sun Biz Weekly headquarters. Because of this, we’ll provide a full report in next week’s issue. In this week’s tanning magazine, we plan to talk about something equally important – online tanning industry “experts.” You know the type because Facebook is filled with them. You might see people toss around terms such as marketing strategies, S.W.O.T. analysis, and vision statements. This all sounds impressive, but any of this information is easily available on a Google search.

Are there talented and knowledgeable people sharing tanning business info online? Of course there are. This doesn’t mean that everyone doing it is truly an expert, though. We’ve discussed this before in the February 27, 2017 issue of this tanning magazine. Contributing writer and sunless spray tanning expert Brenda Wooley warned of the dangers of online spray tan business tips. One example she shared was some spray tan technicians telling their tanners to use chemicals such as acetone or window cleaner on their skin! This is great for sunless tanning pros who are looking to get sued!

We’re not saying don’t use Facebook to network and get information. We’re just reminding everyone to consider the source before following the advice they provide. Some of the experts sharing info on Facebook forums and live videos are tanning industry veterans. Others are people who want to be “indoor tanning business/life coaches” but they’ve only been in business for six months or less! That’s why it’s best to turn to the information in this tanning magazine. Our contributors are tanning industry veterans; we list their credentials in their bios and our contributors page. You can always trust the helpful business-building information you get in Sun Biz Weekly!

Speaking of valuable and valid tanning business tips, this week’s issue has what you need to succeed:

  • John Farr, our in-house tanning salon business consultant, has some helpful advice. This week, it’s about tanning salon employee awards.
  • We’re back with another Tanning Salon Employee of the Week. This time, it’s Alexis Shenkle of 2Suns Salon & Wellness of Stafford, VA. Check it out and give Alexis a hearty “congratulations!”
  • If you’re in search of legitimate spray tan business tips, you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s Spray Support column, Jasa Wolfrey shows you how to make a spray tan booth video to boost session sales.

Tanning Salon Owners and Spray Tan Technicians…

Enjoy this week’s tanning magazine. And if you haven’t filled out your peak season 2018 survey, be sure to do that, too. We’ve gotten a great response already, but there’s always room for your input, too. We look forward to analyzing the results and presenting the information to you in next week’s issue of Sun Biz Weekly. See you then, indoor tanning professionals!