Author: Susan Brand

Retaining Loyal Spray Tan Clients

Tired of attracting spray tan clients who don’t stick around? Try these spray tan business tips to attract long-term tanners. No spray tan technician can stay in business if they only tan someone once. Eventually, you’ll run out of spray tan customers. The key to success in this business is getting the long-term profits from long-term tanners. Doing this, however, can sometimes be difficult for some spray tanning technicians. In order to be able to pay your bills and have a successful business, you need more commitment from your tanners. Fortunately, we have some spray tan business tips to...

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Avoid Burnout, Spray Tan Technicians!

As spray tan technicians, we can get too caught up in our hustle and grind. Here are three tips to avoid getting burned out and affecting your life and spray tan business. It’s easy for sunless tanning professionals to get burned out. We work hard to build our brands. We’re always on our social media, marketing, and networking games. We love what we do, which pushes us to keep going and going. This can cause us to neglect ourselves and our spouses, children, and friends. (I also believe that some of us even ignore our pets.) We might not...

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Raising the Bar on Sunless Tanning

Do you want the mainstream public to take your spray tan business seriously? Check out these spray tan business tips… Airbrush tanning is a profession that many of us strive to be the best at and take it very seriously. Others just do spray tans to make a couple bucks. It drives me crazy when people don’t take their businesses seriously. This affects how we’re all viewed by the public. For example, some think they can watch a YouTube spray tan tutorial and become a professional. Training is one of the areas you must invest in to a professional...

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Limit Your Spray Tan Specials

Want a helpful spray tan business tip? Don’t devalue your service by constantly offering spray tan specials! I remember in the beginning of my business, I would venture out for $25 tans, pack everything up, and go mobile for that price as well. I was desperately trying to build my clientele and thought this was perfect at the time. I also thought it was a great idea to do a “friend deal” and $10 off if they referred a client to me. This made it a $15 spray tan. I apparently did not recognize my worth at that time....

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Spray Tanning in Hurricane Irma!

Would you believe that I was spray tanning clients a few days before Hurricane Irma hit Florida? It’s true, and the experience got me thinking about serious spray tanners! On the Wednesday before Irma arrived, I did quite a few spray tans. Some of my tanners were leaving for bachelorette parties, vacations, and visits. After that, I planned to clean my gun and studio and have it sparkly for after this monster of a hurricane landed. Nope! I sent my confirmations to Thursday’s clients and sure enough, many of them replied! I was shocked but thought okay, busy is...

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Building Spray Tan Clientele

Are you a new spray tan technician struggling to build your clientele? Here are some tips to help from a sunless tanning veteran. It sometimes get a chuckle when I hear new spray tan technicians say, “I’m frustrated that I don’t have clients.” Perhaps these sunless tanning professionals don’t understand that no one is going to hand them new tanners on a silver platter. It takes hard and consistent work to build the trust required to have repeat clientele. Tanners aren’t just going to come to you, even if you’re renting space at a busy beauty or tanning salon....

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Improve Your Spray Tan Marketing

Have you ever made a mistake with your spray tan marketing? This can actually be a good thing if you use it to create better spray tan deals. Spray tan marketing can be tricky for any sunless tanning technician. It’s not uncommon to make a mistake when coming up with our spray tan specials. Sometimes we give away too much while other times we offer too little. That’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed if you’ve made some of these mistakes with your spray tan deals. It’s happened to all of us, and there’s an upside to missing the mark....

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Spray Tan Solution Testing Tips

Many spray tan technicians are still searching for the best sunless solution. If this is you, here’s how to introduce new spray tan solution to your tanners. You bought a new sunless tanning solution. You’re about to tan your client and you tell her this is a new product and you’re not sure how it will turn out. You explain that the reason you are trying it is because you’re excited to share this new spray tanning product, then let it go from there. You happily spray tan your client with the new sunless solution and encourage them to...

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Tips for Hosting Spray Tan Parties

Spray tan parties are a great way to boost your revenue and acquire new tanners. Here are some tips to help sunless tanning technicians host these events. A spray tan party is a great way for people to get their friends together for a great time. These events also are a very lucrative for sunless tanning professionals. This is why we should be promoting these events. The key is to make these events run as smoothly as possible. After many lessons learned, I’m happy to share some great tips to make your spray tan party efficient and successful. Many...

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Use Spray Tan Slow Times Wisely

Sunless tanning slows down a bit, even during the summer. Use your off-peak time wisely by perfecting your spray tan business. As spray tan technicians, we all have at least one month that is not our busiest. These times are different for all of us because it depends upon the climate and other factors. For example, here in South Florida, I can safely say that July tends to be the slowest of my summer months. Even though business slows down a bit, I consider this time of the year to be highly valuable. Why? Because it gives me the...

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