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The tanning industry is dependent upon the continued success of independent tanning and sunless salon owners. Sometimes the needs of these hardworking tanning professionals often get overlooked in the daily hustle and bustle of the tanning business. This is why we’ve launched Sun Biz Weekly, the only tanning magazine that provides honest, impartial business education for all tanning salon and sunless professionals. In other words, we’re here to help everyone who sells a tan.

A Tanning Magazine for Tanning Professionals

As tanning professionals, you need valuable information right away. With Sun Biz Weekly, you get business-building tips that you can incorporate after you read them. And these tips come to you each week. This means you don’t have to wait a month for your tanning news! Best of all, it doesn’t matter what brands of lotions, sunlamps, equipment, or spray-tanning services you offer.

Tanning News That’s Right on Time

As our name states, we are a weekly publication. This means you don’t have to wait long for your next installment of business-building tips. New content is posted on Mondays, and as we continue to grow, you can expect many mid-week postings, as well. As the weeks go by, we also will introduce more columns and contributors.

Tanning Salon Owners, Read This!

Are you an independent salon owner looking for helpful, business-building information? Here’s a listing of our weekly columns designed to help you increase customers and revenue at your tanning salons:

  • Spray tan booth sales and marketing tips are covered in Booth Business. It’s great info for everyone with a spray tanning machine.
  • Salon management tips are found in HRM Hub. It’s the best advice, direct from experts in the tanning industry.
  • For tanning lamp tips, check Lamp Lowdown, which is written by those who know sunlamps.
  • Need tanning salon ideas? Marketing Mastery is your source for marketing and promoting tanning salons.
  • Tanning lotion sales tips are found in our Product Push section. Earn more revenue by selling more tanning lotions!
  • Tanning salon owners looking for a variety of business-building info can find it in our Salon Dollars & Sense feature.
  • Honoring tanning salons and the industry professionals who operate them is the focus of our weekly Sun Biz Showcase features.

Spray Tanning News You Can Use

Sunless tanning is as much a part of indoor tanning as UV tanning. This is what everyone here at Sun Biz Weekly believes. This is why we provide spray tanning tips and business-building information for sunless tanning professionals. Here’s some of what you’ll read each week in Sun Biz Weekly:

  • Spray Support: Spray tanning tips for sunless techs can be found in our Spray Support section. It’s also good for tanning salon owners who offer sunless tanning.
  • Mobile spray tanning professionals and sunless tanning salons are honored in our weekly Sun Biz Showcase features.
  • And so much more, brought to you each week by the hardworking and dedicated team at Sun Biz Weekly.

The No. 1 Tanning Magazine is Sun Biz Weekly!

That’s right, tanning salon owners and sunless techs. Everyone here at Sun Biz Weekly pledges to provide the content you need to be successful and profitable. Be sure to visit us each week, and don’t forget to like us Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on Tumblr, InstaGram, and Pinterest. Need to get in touch with us? Email us at or fill out the form below. In the meantime, continue to read, learn, and enjoy all the business-building content in Sun Biz Weekly, your tanning magazine!

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