Tanning salon owners say that the 2018 peak season looks good! This positive tanning business forecast is happily delivered by everyone here at your favorite tanning magazine.

Sun Biz Weekly hosted a survey three weeks ago. In it, we asked tanning salon owners and spray tan technicians to answer some questions about the 2018 peak tanning season. Our goal was to take the pulse of the industry and see what most tanning pros thought about business in the coming year. Well, many of you took the time to answer our survey and we’re extremely grateful. This tanning magazine is also happy to report that the results of our survey were overwhelmingly positive! So today, on New Year’s Eve, we share this news with you.

Tanning Business the Way it Should Be

Our average survey respondent owns a tanning salon who plans for their business to be up slightly from this time last year. They were hopeful for this increase simply based upon the way their numbers were currently trending. These respondents listed the top three reasons why they’re hopeful about the 2018 peak tanning season and beyond.

1. Better Marketing: Many of our survey’s respondents listed “improved marketing” as a reason for the slight increase in profits over last year. This is encouraging news because it shows that more tanning professionals are taking the time to invest in more effective ways to reach their clientele.

2. Increased EFT Sales: Many industry experts, including our own John Farr, have touted EFTs for tanning salons. This payment options helps keep money coming in all year long, even the dreaded J.A.S.O.N. months. With more tanning salon owners embracing this option, business has clearly been good.

3. Better Sales During J.A.S.O.N.: With salon owners reporting better success with marketing and EFTs, it’s no shock that their J.A.S.O.N. numbers were better than last year. While we’re not surprised by this news, everyone at Sun Biz Weekly is overjoyed to hear that tanning salon owners and spray tan technicians had successful summer business. That’s great!

2018 Should be Great for Indoor Tanning!

The optimism reflected in our survey answers is likely to be felt industry-wide. With so many tanning professionals having a successful J.A.S.O.N., many of these folks plan to reinvest in their businesses.  This is good news for indoor tanning industry manufacturers and distributors, as well. Here are the three most popular improvements our survey respondents listed:

1. Spa Services: Whether it’s teeth-whitening, infrared body wraps, or a host of other services, tanning salon owners are looking to invest in their businesses in a big way. Many are choosing to add spa services to their business models. When combined with effective marketing strategies, these additional services should attract more clientele and improve revenue from existing tanners.

2. Adding Sunless Tanning/Changing Sunless Solutions: Some of our survey respondents don’t offers sunless tanning… yet. Others offer it but have been wanting to change or add spray tan solution choices. With a successful J.A.S.O.N. behind them, these salon owners plan to make these changes as they head into the 2018 peak tanning season. Sun Biz Weekly has long said that today’s tanning salon owner must have some form of sunless tanning option. It looks like many tanning operators think so, too.

3. New Tanning Lotion Products: Here’s another business investment that will likely pay dividends. To turn tanning lotions into profits, tanning salon owners must have a talented sales staff. If enough survey respondents said they plan to add more tanning lotions in 2018, I’m willing to take it on faith that they do. This should be great news for the many tanning lotion makers who provide this industry with products. It should also give tanning salon employees more ways to increase their sales commissions.

Your Tanning Magazine Takes a Bow

After seeing these results, I can’t help but wonder if this tanning magazine had something to do with them. In the nearly two years we’ve been publishing Sun Biz Weekly, we’ve shared content that helps tanning salon owners improve their marketing and EFT sales. Each summer, we also dedicate many of our pages to sharing business-building tips during J.A.S.O.N. While we cannot take all the credit, I think a healthy pat on the back is in order for providing content that helps tanning salon owners in these areas.

The Best Tanning Business Tips

This week, your tanning magazine has some very important information to share. Employee poaching is a problem for any tanning salon owner trying to retain hardworking salon staff in today’s economy. One tanning salon owner asked our in-house tanning salon business consultant how to combat this practice and retain employees. As always, John Farr shared some expert advice. Spray tan technicians, we’ve got you covered, too. Jasa Wolfrey shares some great tips for testing spray tan solutions. She also includes a form to help you keep detailed notes on the sunless tanning solutions you test. You’ll only get this kind of helpful business building tips in Sun Biz Weekly, the industry’s best tanning magazine. Enjoy!